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Leonardo (IDW Comics) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 25 9 Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Jason (Custom) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 38 12 Andros (Red Space Ranger) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 17 8 AkibaYellow Yuko Yamada (Akibaranger) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 9 7 Gokai Red Captain Marvelous (Gokaiger) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 13 5 VulEagle I Ryuusuke Owashi (Sun Vulcan) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 10 2 Jason Lee Scott (Mighty Morphin Red Ranger) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 17 12 TyrannoRanger Geki (Zyuranger) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 12 12 The Tenth Doctor :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 15 9 Mighty Morphin Spinosaurus Ranger (Redone) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 23 10 Batman (Ben Affleck) :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 23 23 Grifforzer/Goldar :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 27 12 Golem/Putty :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 10 8 Pumpkin Rapper :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 17 6 Bandora/Rita Repulsa :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 20 11 Divatox :iconabelmicroheroes:AbelMicroHeroes 14 13


The Union :iconmikesterman3000:mikesterman3000 5 0 Henshin: A Flarrowverse Project. :iconhenshindaisuke:HenshinDaisuke 23 10 Volstagg (Marvel Earth-61619) :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 53 2 Rose Blossom :iconkatcombs:katcombs 6 4 Prince Delicious Shrimp :iconkatcombs:katcombs 4 4 Veronica - 500 Watchers Celebration :iconloganwaynee:LoganWaynee 48 15 Suicide Squad (Timmverse) :iconstuart1001:Stuart1001 31 7 Red Hood Beyond :iconmelciah1791:Melciah1791 44 2 CARNAGE! :iconmrkinetix:MrKinetix 27 4 Yasei Sentai Keitouranger, Wood Rangers :icontaiko554:Taiko554 65 11 Yasei Sentai Keitouranger, Air Rangers :icontaiko554:Taiko554 71 14 Hitlock :iconultimatelomeli:UltimateLomeli 17 1 Calamity :iconultimatelomeli:UltimateLomeli 13 1 Supremacy - Spider Clan :iconultimatelomeli:UltimateLomeli 14 0 Agent Robert Smith/ Omega :iconultimatelomeli:UltimateLomeli 17 6 BvS - Day vs Night :iconvandersonmetal:vandersonmetal 19 7



Leonardo (IDW Comics)
Here's Leonardo from the 2011 TMNT comic relaunch, from IDW Publishing. I like this series quite a bit. It's among the best relaunches I've come across. Though it frequently shares some of the art style of the Nickelodeon TV series, it's actually aimed at a much older audience. I highly recommend it, especially if you've followed TMNT before. They did an excellent job of incorporating various characters from other TMNT media into the new canon. I think I actually prefer this to the original Mirage series.
Andros (Red Space Ranger)
Here's my micro heroes version of Andros from Saban's Power Rangers In Space (1998). 

Andros is the Red Ranger and leader of the Space Rangers, as well as the brother of primary antagonist, Astronema. He is a human from the remote space colony of KO-35, and he possesses telekinetic abilities. 
Andros is the first Ranger leader to assemble a team of other Rangers long after obtaining his own Ranger powers. 
Andros is also known for being the most skilled spy in Power Rangers history, having been able to infiltrate highly secure places not welcoming of a ranger, on at least three separate occasions.
Lastly, Andros is notable for killing Zordon, and thus ending the Zordon-era of Power Rangers.
AkibaYellow Yuko Yamada (Akibaranger)
Here's Yuko Yamada from the Japanese Tokusatsu series, Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. Akibaranger is a satirical comedy centered around Super Sentai.

Yuko Yamada (later, Yuko Yokoyama) is a bouncy, happy-go-lucky office worker who is also a devoted cosplayer. She's twenty-four years old and has a deep knowledge of Super Sentai. She's also a yaoi fangirl.

Yuko was the last Akibaranger to be recruited. When they met her, she was handing out cosplay business cards. Unlike the other Akibarangers, Yuko questioned nothing and impulsively joined right away, simply because it sounded fun.
When doing their team roll call, Yuko always says random things, completely unrelated to Sentai or their team. Each time, she's eventually cut off by Akagi, because she goes on for too long. She only ever actually announced her designation (AkibaYellow) semi-properly on the first episode.

Also, if you pay attention to her roll call rants, they often tie together. On several occassions, she would continue her rant from where Akagi interrupted her on the previous episode.
Gokai Red Captain Marvelous (Gokaiger)
Here's Captain Marvelous, from the 35th installment of the Japanese Super Sentai series, called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (2011-2012). Marvelous is the young Captain of the notorious Gokai Galleon, a pirate vessel wanted by the Zangyack Empire.
With the Gokaiger keys, Marvelous and his team are able to transform into any of the other 34 Super Sentai teams of the time.
Though he is the team leader, Captain Marvelous is an unpredictable sort of character, who often does reckless things to satisfy his curiosity, stating his actions as what any pirate would do in that particular moment. Contrary to that though, Marvelous is also someone who cares deeply for his crew, and for innocent people, even if he isn't quick to show it. And though he is quick to help those in need, he actively avoids praise, appearing visibly uncomfortable the few times random bystanders forced it upon him. 

"We may be the thirty-fifth Super Sentai, but we are still Pirates!" - Captain Marvelous


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AdrenalineRush1996 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2016
Happy birthday.
aualga Featured By Owner May 10, 2016
DAMN DUDE! Your Micro Heroes are incredible! They look so real! How did you do them? 
RakaiThwei Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016
Hey thanks for the watch! Unfortunately, I don't update my DA page a lot, and with Windows 8.1-- it's really hard to make Microes since the pixel option doesn't really work well with the OS when it comes to making microes.
AbelMicroHeroes Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
That sucks man. I always liked your micro's. I know the Paint Program itself isn't nearly as good with Windows 8. It's very clumsy.

You can get alternative programs online, though. I'd recommend checking out if you get a chance. It's a freeware program that operates almost exactly like earlier MSPaint versions, but there's a lot more you can do with it. It's compatible with with Windows 8.1, as well. Could be just what you're looking for. Here's a link if you're interested. Hope it helps. :)
RakaiThwei Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2016
Thanks for liking my Microes! A lot of hard work was put into them and most of the outfits which they are wearing were made pixel by pixel, so I know my skill level as far as making outfits for my microes are concerned. I am also over on MIB, but my gallery is somewhere deep in the thread archives-- it's been a couple years since I updated it. I wanted to give out some of the parts which I made over on the board but that's on my Mom's old Windows XP, which is currently in storage. Also, I have to say that I am honored that you like my Microes! I actually quite enjoy yours very much!
thanks for the watch,friend
AbelMicroHeroes Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
No problem! :)
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Thanks for the :+fav:!
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